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You have a vision. We use the power of software to get you there.

Want to develop a new software product? Build your next IP with us!

Leveraging on our over a decade of experience in building commercial software products for clients around the world. We bring together a team of Microsoft-certified engineers, proven agile engineering practices, and knowledge of Lean Startup implementation to bring your innovative ideas to life.


Web Platforms

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Multi-tennant Applications on the Cloud

Mobile Enterprise Apps

Systems Integration

We bring high-value solutions for your business needs by partnering with the best-in-class technology providers, delivered through our experienced professional service engineers.

OUR services:

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Business Continuity Solutions on the Cloud

Server migration services

Enterprise Mobile Identity & Security

Sharepoint Implementations & workflow

Microsoft Azure Implementation Services

Microsoft Office Implementation & Extension


You know what you deserve? Clean, bug-free software products that live up to your brand image. This is why at BlastAsia, we offer a full range of Software Quality Testing services, from requirements analysis, quality consulting, test plan development, and software assessment, to test execution and reporting. Our goal? To ensure that you have high quality software products that meet and even exceed your expectations.

Our core testing services include:

Manual Testing

We use Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) for Manual Testing. This service is for Functional and Non-Functional Testing like Browser Compatibility Testing, UI/GUI Testing, Smoke Testing, End-to-end Testing, and Performance Testing.

Automation Testing

Automation runs repetitive tasks easily, improves accuracy, and increases test coverage.  We use different automation tools, such as FitNesse, Selenium, and Robot Framework.

UX/UI Design:

Products designed right

Optimize your products by enhancing user experience. We can help you in designing intuitive, informational, and creative user interface designs that combines our creativity and technical expertise in different user interface technologies. This will effectively communicate to the users the information and functionality your system wants to convey.

Applications Maintenance and Support

Keeping up with new technologies and advancements are essential in differentiating your products from competing products. As the product matures, there is always a need to evolve to newer versions to keep up with industry trends.


Our Applications Support and Maintenance services are flexible solutions which not only provide development services, but also dedicate a team of resources that can be used for production support in critical business operations.


While your legacy applications – their functionalities and information – are vital to your business, they can slow you down. Don't let outdated technology hold you back from realizing your IT or business potential. Prepare your business for tomorrow by modernizing your apps today.

Augmented Reality
& Virtual Reality

Give your customers an immersive, magical experience of your products and services.


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two different technologies that, if integrated, can give users a more immersive experience. VR makes a simulation of the real world, while AR supplements with computer-generated input, such as audio and visuals, that overall enhance our interaction with technology and perception of reality.


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