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MEETING THE future with advanced technologies

As a leading offshore software development company, we ensure that we are abreast with the latest technologies to develop new and improved products that bring success to our clients. Research and Development is a valuable tool for us to grow our capabilities and continue to innovate in the competitive landscape of software product business.


Our ability to rapidly adopt cutting edge technologies makes us a top innovation partner for organizations from various industries. Here are some of the advanced technologies that we are integrating into our development projects.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

An immersive, magical experience of your products and services


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two different technologies that, if integrated, can make a more immersive experience than each can do alone. VR makes a simulation of the real world, while AR supplements with computer-generated input such as audio and visuals that overall enhance our interaction with technology and perception of reality.


Did you know  that 200 million users across smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses are expected to use Augmented and Virtual Reality apps by 2020? With this growing market interest in AR/VR, now is the right time for you to explore the capabilities these technologies can bring to your business.

Chatbot/Artificial Intelligence

Connect with your customers like never before


Chances are, you have already talked with a chatbot at one point of your interaction over the internet. Chatbots are computer programs that simulate conversations using Artificial Intelligence (AI). While the technology is still in its infancy, it is foreseen to reach a level where it can mimic conversations that are identical to conversations people have in the real world.


This technology is poised to change how brands interact with consumers, as well as the way products are designed and launched. Using chatbots for your business now means you can respond to your customers faster than your competitors, save on administrative costs, and exponentially improve customer engagement.

internet of things

Streamline your operations through IoT


The wide availability of Broadband Internet, WiFi capable devices, and smart phones has given rise to a new kind of connectivity that changes our relationship with technology - Internet of Things (IoT).


IoT is all about connecting devices over the Internet, allowing them to talk to each other, applications, and users. Imagine having an alarm clock that not only wakes you up, but also signals your coffee machine to brew your morning coffee. Or having a building access card that not only opens doors but also records the time you log in and out, as well as triggers a notification to your team about your arrival. The possibilities and opportunities for connections are endless with this technology.


Now already used across industries, IoT has dramatically improved and automated business processes, leading to cost savings and improved customer experience of products and services. Use this technology to streamline operations, shorten production time, and get ahead in your market.

Robotic Process Automation

Reduce your production time from minutes to seconds


As part of cost control and efficiency measures, a number of businesses are looking for ways to automate processes in their operations. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), processes can be programmed and automated to reduce completion time from minutes to seconds.


RPA is a software designed to remember and interpret actions of applications. Once it has understood and mapped out each process, it can automatically carry out transactions, use data to generate responses, and connect with other systems to complete tasks.


Apart from time savings, using RPA for your business means saving expenditure on human resource and improving operational efficiency.

Machine Learning

Making data-driven business decisions


Machine learning uses algorithms with the capacity to learn from data. It can analyze and uncover insights even without being explicitly programmed where to specifically pull information. With new computing technologies, machine learning today can analyze bigger volumes of complex data and ultimately generate accurate results in no time. For businesses, it means having the ability to make data-driven decisions and actions faster, without human intervention.


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